Meet The Host

warren miller of closing the loop radio show

Warren Miller is a journalist, writer and producer.

As a journalist, Warren won writing awards from the Florida Magazine Association for a regular columns and freelance features. He has been the editor of business and lifestyle magazines and a freelance contributor to national publications. Warren has contributed stories to public radio and television stations both in Florida and nationally, and has been a regular contributor for 20 years to National Public Radio affiliates, including WJCT-FM in Jacksonville and WMFE-FM in Orlando.

Closing the Loop is Warren’s creation, and has gathered a loyal listener base in Northeast Florida, where it was first broadcast.

“The basic premise, that change is constant and that people are resilient, is not unique to the Jacksonville area,” he says. “It’s true across the United States. But I do think it’s a uniquely American idea that we can transform our lives. We can reinvent ourselves. We can acquire new skills. And we can rewrite our own story.

“I don’t use many fixed questions, and the ones I use could be asked of anyone,” Warren explains. “ ‘What challenges have you faced in recent years? What did you do about it, and how did your response change your life? What have you learned from the experience?’ Although the interviews are edited, I try to use as much of the person’s own words – and as few of mine – as I can and tell a compelling story.”

Warren earned an undergraduate degree in comparative religion from Boston University, and a masters in business administration (MBA) from Rollins College’s Crummer Graduate School of Business.

He lives near St. Augustine, Florida, with his wife and their two Labrador retrievers.