The Show

Closing the Loop is a weekly interview program, four minutes in length, that is produced and narrated by veteran journalist Warren Miller.

Closing the Loop is unique because the stories are unique. The people telling their stories have survived triumphs and tragedies, both economic and personal … and they’ve learned a few things from it, including that all of us are stronger than we suspect.

Change, as the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, is the only constant. Change can come suddenly from forces beyond our control (as in, say, earthquakes, hurricanes and Federal Reserve monetary policy). It also can be set in motion by each of us. Among the most popular Closing the Loop stories are those about people who’ve made the choice to change themselves. That change can result from a career choice, or in response to events, from the birth of a child to losing a job, or losing a loved one.

But each of us has to respond to change, and how we do so changes us, as well.

Another reason for the popularity of Closing the Loop is the wide variety of people, the variety of voices, and regular people who are genuine. Closing the Loop isn’t “reality” radio. It’s real radio.

The Northeast Florida edition of Closing the Loop has been broadcast for almost three years on WJCT, 89.9 FM, the Jacksonville affiliate of National Public Radio. It’s broadcast twice during Morning Edition − at 6:35 and 8:35 a.m. − and again during All Things Considered at around 5:45 p.m.

The national edition of Closing the Loop features interviews from people all across the United States. It debuted on this web site in July 2014, and is available for broadcast on public radio affiliates. (Please see “Become and Affiliate” for more information on that.)