Be On The Show

Following are the guidelines for choosing interview subjects for Closing the Loop:

▪ Closing the Loop is about personal growth through dealing with change.

Change can entail many things, but if there’s nothing to overcome, the story may not be as interesting to others as are stories of overcoming obstacles. Almost everyone has been challenged by something. Challenges and the person’s response to them are at the heart of every Closing the Loop story.

▪ Closing the Loop is about people, not their businesses, work products, causes or beliefs.

We try not to mention the company that someone owns or works for, if possible. Often, people employed by large organizations are not be authorized to say anything that could be construed as speaking for their employer. In such cases, we will not mention the name of the company or organization, and we reserve the right to not mention any business or organization names, in order to keep the listeners’ attention on the person.

For the same reasons, we reserve the right to not talk about someone’s book or other work product.

▪ Closing the Loop avoids religion and politics.

We have interviewed many people of faith on the program. The catch is that their faith is not what the interview was about. It was about what the people did, and their motivation and affiliation were secondary.

We do not interview anyone who works as a political professional, holds elected office, or holds an appointed position in a government agency.


If you feel that you have a story that fits the guidelines above, whether it’s your own story or someone else’s, please use the form below to tell us about it.