About The Show

The Northeast Florida edition of Closing the Loop has been broadcast for almost three years on WJCT, 89.9 FM, the Jacksonville affiliate of National Public Radio. It’s broadcast twice during Morning Edition − at 6:35 and 8:35 a.m. − and again during All Things Considered at 5:45 p.m.

The national edition of Closing the Loop features interviews from people all across the United States. It debuted on this web site in July 2014, and is available for broadcast on public radio affiliates. (Please see “Become an Affiliate” for more information on that.)



Opportunities are available to become part of Closing the Loop, the innovative and inspirational interview program that is distributed over this website, on podcast, and broadcast on public radio stations around the country.

Sponsorship can take many forms. Display ads on this website can link to your homepage or message. A sponsor tag may be inserted on podcasts. And sponsorship of Closing the Loop broadcasts in selected media markets can be arranged with the radio stations that carry it.


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